Centre Parcs

This fabulous post was first posted on here by @SarahMo3W. We love how she loves Centre Parcs!

Center Parcs is one of my favourite places in the world. It’s like a whole different world, but it’s not very far from the real world. Travelling and our family don’t get on that well, so what could be better than a holiday destination which is one hour and 20 minutes from home?

A Center Parcs holiday is so relaxing, yet also so active – if you choose it to be. There are no cars on site, so everyone cycles and walks through the lovely countryside. It’s never too busy, because there is a limit to how many people are on site. And it has the most amazing swimming pool. I’m not a massive fan of swimming and swimming pools, but the Center Parcs Sub-Tropical Swimming Paradise (to give it its full name) is something else. It’s warm and relaxing, it has slides, you can swim outside, it has the amazing rapids (a kind of slide thing outdoors) and it has a wave machine. I absolutely love it and so do my kids.

We first went to Center Parcs when my boy was 20 months old and I was about nine weeks pregnant with his baby brother. I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy it that much. Our accomodation was miles from the action – we’ve been back many times since and I’ve still never really worked out where it was – and it was a bit on the basic side. And nothing feels great when you’re nine weeks pregnant and queasy.

I may never have gone back. It was my mum’s idea to go again. We went when my gorgeous boy was 18 months old and my big boy was nearly 4. We had lovely accomodation this time and as luck would have it, it was right by the Plaza – the bit with the swimming pool and the shops and restaraunts. We loved it! It was a brilliant holiday.

So we booked to go again a year later. What we didn’t know was that a year later we would have another family member – she was five weeks old!

Since then, we’ve been to Center Parcs about two years out of every three. We pay a few quid extra to secure ourselves a house right near the Plaza because for us it really makes a difference to our enjoyment of the holiday.

I love that the days revolve around swimming and cycling. There’s somethig so pleasant about the forest air – it really does feel much fresher than the air back home. You feel like when you’re in the forest you could never be too cold or too hot or too wet. But you might see deer and you will certainly see squirrels and rabbits.

I love this picture of my baby boy taken on his first trip to Center Parcs

We’ve always gone to Center Parcs in spring before. We’re going again soon and it will be our first time in autumn. No doubt I will have plenty of stories to share. And I’m seriously hoping none of them are my usual holiday disaster stories.

This is an unsponsored post. I genuinely love Center Parcs and have paid for many holidays there out of my own pocket and no doubt will do again many more times in the future.


3 thoughts on “Centre Parcs

  1. The only reason I have never been to Centre Parcs is because it costs SO much in the school holidays and being teachers we can only go then. But this post has made me realise i need to go whilst they are still pre-schoolers as they will love it!

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