Guisborough Forest Walkway


I never knew about this place till I had kids, but it really is great for families, dog walkers and cyclists! The car park is a decent size and costs £1.00 for the whole day. It has toilets, which is very important if you are with younger and older people, there is a reasonably priced cafe (Purple Mountain) and a visitor centre which usually has a colouring activity for the kids to complete.

The young kids like following the statues, the older ones (us) like to the activity trail, the play area is really good and has stuff for all ages and there are plenty of picnic tables and nature stuff to do! Well worth a visit any time of the year!

If it’s been raining it can be quite boggy, so wear suitable shoes, but otherwise no downsides!

However, I was devastated last week to learn that arsonists had attacked our favourite play area piece of equipment… The little red train that me and the boys have such fond memories of, was burnt to cinders. So I thought I would share a bit of prose about this wonderful walkway. I wrote this a couple of years ago…

“Autumn brings the leaves and Guisborough Forest Walkway provides the perfect autumn walk. We follow the wooden statues (climbing and naming them as we go) the children thunder ahead to find the next animal. Every corner is brimming with the rustles, bustles, oranges and browns of autumn wildlife.

In December a winter picnic is required; we take flasks of coffee and sandwiches, have our pick from the empty benches, and sit and feast and watch the forest sparkle before our eyes.

In springtime we catch tadpoles, or that is the plan… having left the bucket and net at home we lie on the decking, noses peeping over the edge and shriek in delight watching them wriggle. Nearby, my mum and 9 month old son identify the species of wild flowers and take snap shots of the unfamiliar to Google later.

The new playground opens for the summer! For months the red train and the wooden adventure equipment has been out of reach, we have only been able to catch glimpses from the fences and imagine the fun it supplies. Our first visit does not disappoint; diverse enough, and big enough, to accommodate all ages. The only tears are when we have to leave. However, they are quickly relieved with the NEW hidden gems we find along the way home. What will they think of next?”

For directions and more information check out the link below!


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