The Lake District

Whinlatter, The Lake District

If anyone knows about visiting a forest it is this lady @LakesSingleMum, that’s why we had to feature one of her posts about Whinlatter on here. she has many more fab ideas on her blog Lakes Single Mum


We didn’t let rain stop us from a return visit to Whinlatter today. Having received our Ambassador car pass we roped in my parents and some visiting relatives to come along with us. Despite the rain the car park was pretty full with people of all ages wrapped up against the wet!

First of all we warmed up with hot drinks in Siskins cafe:

Then we headed out to the Wild Play area for some fun that the grown ups joined in too! Some equipment was a bit too wet for the kids but there was plenty that wasn’t:

Some of the favourite parts where were the family had to work as a team to either make water flow or stop. The children didn’t seem to mind getting even wetter doing it:

Then all 3 generations had fun with the pulley systems on the gravel pit:

This was a mucky job but lots of fun and rewarding when the gravel came flying back out!

The rain meant that we all piled into one car to eat our picnics and couldn’t use the nice new picnic area by the cafe. It amused the children to sit in the boot altogether. Afterwards we headed off to do a Squirrel Scurry and this time actually found squirrel no 6:

Another quick session in Wild Play was followed by a final round of hot drinks in the cafe. Everyone agreed that it had been a great day despite the weather and that we will be back soon. There will be some hits of the Forestry Commission website to find out which forests are nearer to other people’s homes.

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