No body knows a place better than the people who live there. That’s why we like to feature posts from people who have lived every inch of the place they are writing about. Blogger and aspiring writer  Wendy K revisits her home town of York but does the tourist bits! This post was originally published here http://castawaywithdreams.wordpress.com/

A day in York, pretending to be a tourist…

When you grow up in a beautiful city, you completely take for granted all the sights and wonder what on earth all the mad tourists are doing coming there (apart from coming to annoy you, that is.)

Yes, I was one of those locals who would be walking my way through the city centre of York every day on the way to work, muttering at ‘all those bloody tourists’ who would stop slap bang in front of you to gawp up at The Minster, making you go nose first into them.

So today, as we have now moved away from York, we decided to go visit it and do the whole tourist thing.

We even got on one of those open topped bus things that drive round the centre, giving a running commentary on all the sights as you pass.

It was kind of strange seeing it through the eyes of a visitor, and I was the annoying one on the bus who was pointing out things and saying what they were before the recording got a chance to tell you what it was.

Cliffords Tower

Boats going down the River Ouse

The ‘York Eye.’

(Not for those who don’t like heights!)

Yes, I went on it. Then tried not to get the jitters when it stopped at the top for what seemed like ages!

“Up above the streets and houses”…. at the top looking down on York Railway Station.

The small ones didn’t help matters. Even though they loved it.

“What happens if it breaks down and we stay up here FOREVER?!”

“Ooh, look, there’s a gap at the bottom of the door there.”


We came down eventually. Phew.

Next time, I’m returning as a native and sharpening my elbows to make my way through the shopping throng. :-)

More information on York can be found here: http://www.visityork.org/


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