Sometimes a day trip is an escape, a place to “get away” feel old, feel new, feel something different… Yoolie captures just that has she ventures out of London into Cambridge. We didn’t have room to post all her photographs, but they really are stunning, so you MUST pop over to her website to take them all in properly

Last year I visited Cambridge. It is a nice day trip to do when you feel like getting out of London. We took the bus, which gets there in about an hour and a half. It was a really nice day in April, unusually warm. Just the right kind of weather to have a Shandy at the riverside pub or rent a boat and do some punting on the river Cam.

Before we did that, however, we strolled around the colleges and town. It feels like something from another era. I would have gone back to university in a heartbeat (but I really could never afford it). It is so cool that you can just walk into all those historic buildings, the courtyards, chapels and mess halls, and really get a feel for the place.

It was a saturday, so there were more tourists than students around. I guess the only students left in town were those who tried to better their income by doing punt tours for the tourist. Of course my (male) friends wanted to do the punting themselves, so we just rented a boat.  Punting looks a lot easier than it really is. Soon we found out why there were so many people sitting around at the bridges, and why they gave us an extra paddle.  Turns out it is not easy to get the long punting pole underneath the bridge. My friend held on to the pole when it got stuck on the bridge and consequently landed in the river. The onlookers were thrilled, of course. Later it turned out that some British Premier Minister had fallen from a punt at the exact same spot, which explained why everybody pointed to my (very wet and slightly embarrassed) friend and called him the next prime minister.  It was great fun.

Click on the gallery for a slide show of the larger pictures.

Please go to Yoolie’s website to see her wonderful pictures, on Cambridge and many more


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