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Saltburn by the sea

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Before I start I must confess something. I haven’t visited this place. I LIVE in this place. And even though I may be accused of being biased I am going to continue anyway, because I do believe my sleepy little seaside town nestled on the North East Coast deserves a mention.

Snuggled away on the border between the North east and North Yorkshire, Saltburn by the sea is definitely worth a visit… if you just happen to find yourself in the area.

It’s one of those places that just has more going on that you realise. And when you start exploring, you realise there’s enough to keep you preoccupied for the whole day.

You can meander through a choice of Art Galleries  or visit a speciality market…

Farmer’s Market

Stroll along a pier or through the Italian Gardens…



Saltburn Pier

Have coffee in an authentic tea room, or contemporary beach side cafe…


Speciality tea at Profile Gallery


Ride the miniature railway or the Cliff lift…


Surf on the waves or fly kites on the sand…

Surfers on Saltburn braxh

Surfers on Saltburn braxh

Explore the woodland, anytime of the year…






Ramble along cliffs tops or a choice of promenades…


And if that isn’t reason enough, Saltburn has a couple more tricks up its sleeve. Saltburn has its very own mystery knitter (who has made national news)…


Olympic Knitting

Olympic Knitting


and it is the home town of X Factor finalist James Arthur…

James and Nicole walking past his old flat


Still not tempted? How about a knitted James Arthur? You can’t get one of those anywhere else…

Good Luck James!

Good Luck James!




One thought on “Saltburn by the sea

  1. I lived in Saltburn for the first three years of my life so it’s special to me and holds those first, blurry but fascinating memories – in particular the valley gardens. Apparently I was quite a fan of the family room in the Ship too!

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